Year 9 Program

This program is designed to develop engaged, community orientated learners for the future. In 2017, students in Year 9 will study “Learning 4 Life”: an integrated program in our Year 9 Centre. This highly regarded program, established in 2007, is a thematic-based subject of 13 periods per week. In addition to Learning 4 Life, all students will undertake 5 periods of Mathematics per week. Students will select a further 12 periods of elective subjects per week: 4 elective units per semester. Each elective subject will run for 3 periods per week.

Learning 4 Life Program

  • Incorporates English, Science, Humantities  & Health
  • Each student has a mentor teacher for 13 lessons per week
  • Thematic curriculum, with students studying ‘Our World’, ‘Our Melbourne’, ‘Our Future’ & ‘Our Choices’ over the course of the year
  • ICT rich learning area which incorporates a successful BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scheme
  • Community Connexions – each student is involved in a community project during Term 3
  • City Experience – students learn about the history and geography of Melbourne and make regular visits to the city
  • Outdoor Learning Area – students utilise an extensive outdoor facility, including vegetable gardens, class seating, stage and seedling area


  • Students undertake Maths classes in their forms
  • During the year, students will be streamed into ability groups in order to prepare them for Senior Math Elective Subjects.

Elective Subjects (Year 9)

  •  A wide selection of elective subjects in the areas of the Arts, Physical Education, Humanities & Technology,
  • Other specialised electives include:
    – Community Leadership Program
    – Science Laboratory Skills
    – Excel Sport
    – L.O.T.E.


Year 9 Handbook