Campion are the official suppliers to Patterson River Secondary College. All book orders are completed online via their website.

To place your order please visit: Campion


Patterson River SC is not holding a second-hand book sale for 2022. This is due to publishers supplying a high
number of new editions in 2022 and an increasing number of parents who are sourcing second-hand books through
alternative sources such as online buy/swap/sell groups.
We have created this list so that families can determine whether or not they might be able to source a second-hand
book rather than purchase a new copy. Please be aware that in edition to the hardcopy book, most texts now come
with a digital copy and resources. Reactivation requirements for different publishers can be found on the last page of
this document. Please refer to the ISBN number in the tables to ensure you are purchasing the correct book.

Please click here to view the second hand book list

Please click here to view the digital reactivation for second hand books