Many of the improvements that the College has embarked upon over the last 10 years have been generated through the ideas and insights of our student population. Both student voice and student leadership are an important element of our College programs.

Student Voice

Student Voice at Patterson River Secondary College enables students to provide valuable information on their learning experience, and also gives them the power to influence positive change. Students undertake surveys throughout the year to provide their teachers with feedback to further improve and develop their practice within the classroom. Student focus groups allow us to gain student opinion and ideas about initiatives and their areas of concern. Students have voice through the Student Representative Council as each year level has appointed members who meet regularly.

Student Leadership

At the College students have a range of formal leadership opportunities that they can apply for each year:
  • Year Level Leader
  • Student Representative Council
  • School Council Representative
  • House Leader
  • Sport Leader
  • Performing Arts and Music Leader
  • Library Leader
  • Peer Support Leader
Student Leaders represent the College at a wide range of events and also work with different teachers to develop their leadership skills. They also work on student driven projects and initiatives to enhance the opportunities and experience of other students within the College.