School Buses

There are seven bus services, which bring students to Patterson River Secondary College. 

  • The Frankston to Carrum Route Bus Service – No. 780 (Peninsula Bus Lines). This bus provides students living in the Frankston, Kananook and Seaford areas with access to the College. 
  • Belvedere Bus (Ventura Bus Lines) which services the Belvedere Estate. 
  • The Carrum Downs Bus (Peninsula Bus Lines) which services the South Western section of Carrum Downs. 
  • The Bonbeach, Chelsea, Chelsea Heights and Patterson Lakes Service – No. 857 (Ventura Bus Lines). 
  • The Chelsea, Bonbeach, Carrum Service – also called the 857 (Ventura Bus Lines). 
  • The Carrum Downs Bus (Nuline Bus Co.) which services the Northern section of Carrum Downs. 
  • The Edithvale/ Chelsea / Bonbeach bus (Nuline Bus Co.) which services Edithvale, Chelsea, Bonbeach. 

Please note: Nuline Bus Lines – tickets are to be purchased from the General Office.  

Route Information

The Frankston – Carrum Bus (No. 780 public route bus) Pick-up Points:

  • 8.00 a.m. Departs Frankston opposite the railway station (then travels via Young Street, Dandenong Road, Wells Road) 
  • 8.07 a.m. Boonong Avenue (then travels via Fortescue Avenue, Seaford Road , Railway Parade) 
  • 8.15 a.m. Seaford Station (then travels along Railway Parade and Attunga Crescent) 
  • 8.20 a.m. Arrives at Patterson River Secondary College  

Belvedere Bus Pick-up Points:

  • 8.00 a.m. Seaford Road / opposite Barry Street corner 
  • 8.02 a.m. Henry Crescent / Centenary Street corner 
  • 8.03 a.m. Henry Crescent / Austin Road corner 
  • 8.04 a.m. Austin Road / Downs Road corner (shops) then direct to College 
  • 8.15 a.m. Arrives at Patterson River Secondary College 

Carrum Downs Bus Pick-up Points:

  • 7.45 a.m. Corner Frankston-Dandenong Road and Ballarto Road 
  • 7.47 a.m. Corner Lyrebird Drive and Ballarto Road 
  • 7.49 a.m. Corner Greenwood Drive and Ballarto Road 
  • 7.50 a.m. Corner Greenwood Drive and Juliana Drive 
  • 7.51 a.m. Corner Greenwood Drive and Lyrebird Drive 
  • 7.53 a.m. Corner Currawong Drive and Hall Road 
  • 7.57 a.m. Corner Frankston-Dandenong Road and O’Gradys Road 
  • 8.02 a.m. Corner Henry Crescent and Centenary Street (a.m. only) 
  • 8.15 a.m. Arrives at Patterson River Secondary College 

Chelsea Heights Bus (No. 857 Ventura public route bus) Pick-up Points:

  • 7.45 a.m. Corner Patterson Street and Mernda Avenue then follows the normal 857 route 
  • 7.50 a.m. Chelsea Station 
  • 8.00 a.m. Corner of Thames Promenade and Chelsea Park Drive then travels along Wells  Road to Patterson Lakes Primary School 
  • 8.07 a.m. Patterson Lakes Primary School  
  • 8.15 a.m. Arrives at Patterson River Secondary College (Whatley Street bus stop) 

Chelsea, Bonbeach, Carrum Bus (No. 857 Ventura Bus Lines) Pick-up Points:

  • 8.33 a.m. Chelsea Station (then travels south via Argyle Avenue, Fowler Street, Bondi Road, Cannes Avenue, Patterson Street) 
  • 8.44 a.m. Carrum Station via Valetta Street and Whatley Street 
  • 8.50 a.m. Arrives at Patterson River Secondary College  (Whatley Street bus stop) 

Carrum Downs Bus, College Operated (Nuline Bus Line ticket to be purchased from the General Office) Pick-up Points:

  • 7.44 a.m. Sandhurst Bvd. roundabout – McCormicks Road 
  • 7.45 a.m. Outside 145 Cadles Road 
  • 7.46 a.m. Outside round-about Herbert Road and Chapman Road 
  • 7.48 a.m. Outside 72 Luscombe Avenue 
  • 7.50 a.m. Luscombe Avenue opposite Hales Court 
  • 7.51 a.m. Bus stop outside BP Service Station in Frankston-Dandenong Road 
  • 7.52 a.m. Hall Road just past Lavender Lane 
  • 7.53 a.m. Hall Road outside Medical Clinic, just past Cadles Road, opposite shops  
  • 7.55 a.m. Hall Road bus stop just past Lats Avenue  
  • 7.58 a.m. Overall Drive corner Captain Cook Cl  
  • 7.59 a.m. Overall Drive corner George Bass Court 
  • 8.00 a.m. McFarlane Wynd and St Johns Wood 
  • 8.01 a.m. St Johns Wood before McCormicks Road 
  • 8.01 a.m. McCormicks Road outside milk bar 
  • 8.02 a.m. McCormicks Road corner Van Haaster Grove 
  • 8.02 a.m. Rowellyn Avenue and Saltram Court 
  • 8.03 a.m. Rowellyn Avenue outside Rowellyn Park Primary School (just after school crossing) 
  • 8.05 a.m. Rowellyn Avenue and McCormicks Road (in Rowellyn) 
  • 8.06 a.m. McCormicks Road (opposite Allied Drive) 
  • 8.08 a.m. At first bus stop in Gamble Road after turning from McCormicks Road 
  • 8.09 a.m. Gamble Road opposite Tyntynder Drive 
  • 8.10 a.m. Lyrebird Drive opposite milk bar (near Grebe Court) 
  • 8.11 a.m. Ballarto Road (near pedestrian crossing) 
  • 8.25 a.m. Arrive at Patterson River Secondary College 

Edithvale/Chelsea/Bonbeach College Operated Bus – (Nuline Bus Line) ticket to be purchased from the General Office) Pick-up Points:

  • 7.48 Thames Prom & Fourth Avenue 
  • 7.54 Fourth Avenue & Eighth Avenue (before Eighth Avenue) (R Eighth Avenue, L Wells Road)  
  • 7.56 Amaroo Drive (opposite Hartwood Court)  
  • 7.57 Wells Road & Springvale Road (before Springvale Road) (L Springvale Road – becomes Edithvale Road) 
  • 8.00 Edithvale Recreation reserve (L Munro Avenue) 
  • 8.02 Munro Avenue & Edithvale Road 
  • 8.03 Munro Avenue & Elsie Grove (R Elsie Grove, L Cross Road) 
  • 8.05 Cross Road & Embankment Grove (R Embankment Grove, L Bertrand Road, L Drinan Road) 
  • 8.07 Drinan Road & Chelsea Road, (L Catherine Avenue, R Fowler Street) 
  • 8.08 Fowler Street & Sherwood Avenue  
  • 8.09 Fowler Street & Glenola Road 
  • 8.11 Fowler Street & Bondi Road (R Bondi Road) 
  • 8.12 Bondi Road & Station Street (L Station Street) 
  • 8.14 Station Street & Breeze Street (Right over level crossing, Left Nepean Highway, Left at Carrum Station level crossing, R Station Street) 
  • 8.16 Carrum Station (Left Eel Race Road, R Railway Parade, straight at roundabout onto Eel Race Road) 
  • 8.20 Arrive at Patterson River Secondary College.