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 2015 Transition Information

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VCE Results

Exams Patterson River SC

We are really proud and excited by our VCE results. Our dux was Lana Collins with 99.20 and Bernard Field with 98.45.

Lana was especially outstanding in Health and Human Development achieving a study score of 50 while Bernard was also outstanding in Physics achieving a study score of 50.

Elizabeth Adams nearly achieved a perfect score with a 49 in Literature.


Other outstanding successes were:

Manisha Charan 40 Art

Sarah Learmonth 46 Business Management

David Menhennit 45 Business Management

Shae Grinstead 43 Business Management

Jack Francis 41 Business Management

Bernard Field 46 Chemistry

Elizabeth Adams 45 English

Lana Collins 44 English

Shae Grinstead 42 English

Ellen Felberg 40 English

Lana Collins 50 Health and Human Development

Ellen Felberg 48 Health and Human Development

Maddison Olsen 44 Health and Human Development

Elizabeth Adams 40 History

Elizabeth Adams 49 Literature

Shae Grinstead 44 Literature

William Hopkinson 42 Indonesian (SL)

Shae Grinstead 40 Legal Studies

William Hopkinson 47 Further Maths

Anshu Patel 42 Further Maths

Sam Kilpatrick 42 Further Maths

John Cotora 41 Further Maths

Aditi Sharma 41 Further Maths

Joel Martello 40 Further Maths

Ruby Aust 44 Outdoor Education

Bernard Field 50 Physics

Lana Collins 46 Psychology

Sarah Learmonth 44 Psychology

Angus Henderson 41 Psychology

Angus Henderson 43 Studio Arts

This is a total of 30 40+ study scores which is an outstanding result. This means that Patterson River has achieved more than 6 times the number of 40+ scores than the majority of our surrounding schools. What a fantastic effort! Congratulations to all the students and their teachers.

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Our School

The College has an established reputation for providing quality education.  This reputation is based on the achievements of students who of course are our best advertisement; both in obtaining sound academic results and their involvement in many co-curricula activities.

The College motto of “Striving for Excellence” creates an emphasis on developing an achievement culture where success is encouraged and rewarded.   
Students are constantly challenged to achieve their utmost in every sphere of college life.

The College focus is on providing a culture that is characterised by:

  • A challenging and comprehensive curriculum and co-curriculum catering to all students
  • An emphasis on a safe and secure environment where there are high expectations of student behaviour
  • The building of community connections so that students become positive role models and valuable future citizens

The teaching staff are continually reviewing their practice to ensure that their classes are engaging and reflect the individual learning needs of current students.  This is supported by a focus on collection of data to understand the academic level of students and accordingly inform practice.

The curriculum is adapted to cater for all levels of ability and learning styles allowing all students to reach their full potential and to excel.

Our facilities include well maintained buildings and grounds with: dedicated year 7 and year 9 learning centres, extensive MAC and PC laboratories, a dynamic library resource centre, innovative technology wings and a state of the art three court basketball/netball stadium.

I would like to invite you to see our college in operation by booking a tour and look forward to welcoming you as part of our vibrant school community.

Maree Vinocuroff
College Principal


School Tours are run on Thursday at 9.45am. To book or make an alternate time that suits you please call the office.  (03) 8770 6700