Education for sustainable development is a lifelong endeavour, which challenges individuals, institutions and societies to view tomorrow as a day that belongs to all of us, or it will not belong to anyone. (From “United Nations Decade for Sustainable Education Development, 2005-2012”).

Our vision at Patterson River Secondary College is to promote an ethos of care for the health and wellbeing of individuals, our school community and the environment. Within our school community we hope to understand and improve sustainability in day-to-day operations, curriculum and the broader community to provide a rich and challenging curriculum that empowers each child to care for the Earth and all its creations.


By including students, staff and the community in our quest to develop a sustainable school environment we hope to model and promote:

  • Exemplary practices in decreasing consumption of energy, water, the generation of litter and disposal of waste to landfill.
  • The broadening of understanding and awareness of the needs to live sustainably whilst enriching the biodiversity of our surroundings.
  • The use of technologies and practical activities, which will assist us and encourage others to achieve sustainability.
  • Recognising the many values, natural and cultural, which the environment may encompass.


Staff and students are encouraged to be positive role models for sustainability in our community as we recognise that the environment is integral to the quality of our student’s lives. We endeavour to help reduce our ecological footprint through adopting sustainable practises and enhancing and supporting local biodiversity through arrange of programs that strengthen links within the school community.


We will create a better world for all species on Earth and future generations by developing an eco-friendly culture in our school and by working as a whole school community to achieve common goals, we will become the most sustainable we can be.