Laptop Program (BYOD)

Laptop Program (BYOD) 

Patterson River was one of the first schools in Australia to implement a Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) Network. This innovative approach allows students to bring in their own laptop or tablet to use our software, file storage and network. In addition, students are able to log in from home to access software and their files. Our extensive network allows over 1500 devices to connect every day. We expect all students to bring their own device to school to use to support their learning every day.  


Benefits of a bring your own device (BYOD) program: 

  • Families are not locked into the requirement of purchasing/leasing a new device upon starting secondary school  
  • No need to buy/update software for school  
  • Cloud based file storage for students (no lost work) via Office 365 
  • No time wasted for teachers needing to help students with different software versions.  

Purchasing options  

OPTION 1: Students bring an existing device from home that meets our specifications (as listed below). 

OPTION 2: Parents buy a computer through finance arrangements directly from a company. 

OPTION 3: Parents purchase new device from one of the identified vendors outright. 

The Department of Education & Training (DET) has a list of authorised suppliers for computers and hardware to schools, these are reputable companies that have been tested and approved by DET. The College has no formal relationship with these vendors and receives no financial benefit if families choose to purchase from these vendors. The approved vendors are: 


Device minimum specifications 

Device specifications that must be met: 

  • Screen Size must be above 10 inches and no more than 17 inches
  • Protective cover and carry case 
  • Warranty and insurance. 


  • Must have Windows 8.1 or better installed 
  • Must have some form of antivirus software – Windows defender is fine.  


  • Must have OSX version 10.13 or above installed 
  • Must have anti-virus software installed and up to date 


  • Must have iTunes account and ability to download required free App 
  • Must have a keyboard either attached or accessible via Bluetooth 
  • Software version must be iOS 12 or higher 

Android Tablets* 

  • Must have Google/Playstore account and ability to download required free App 
  • Must be Wireless WPA2 Enterprise compliant 
  • Must have a keyboard either attached or accessible via Bluetooth 

Chrome Books*  

  • Must have a Google account 
  • Must be Wireless WPA2 Enterprise compliant.  


*NOTE: Due to strict Microsoft licensing arrangements, students whose own device is an iPad, Chromebook or Android device, will need to pay an annual licensing fee of $60 before their device is connected to the school’s network.  This is payable at the Front Office. The price may vary based on the Microsoft pricing structure. 

For more information please contact the College IT Team. Email: