Teaching and Learning

At Patterson River Secondary College, we have developed a whole school approach to pedagogy. We have embedded professional development for our staff within a whole school design for improving student outcomes.  We value the knowledge and expertise of our staff and encourage them to contribute to the learning process by offering in school professional development sessions every Monday and Thursday afternoon.  These professional development sessions create meaningful learning opportunities for our staff with direct links to student outcomes. It allows our staff to access new ideas, mentor and observe each other whilst reflecting on their teaching and learning practices.  This, along with access to off site Professional Development has enhanced the existing repertoire of staff skills.


Our Teaching and Learning Framework has been developed to support our staff by providing a common point of reference for reflecting on their Teaching and Learning practices.  As such, the College has dedicated several Professional Learning Team sessions (Wednesday afternoons) during Term 2 and 4 for staff to work collaboratively in Teaching and Learning teams. These teams are based on our strategic plan for the college and incorporate a holistic approach to employing collaborative practices thus improving our instructional effectiveness. Staff at Patterson River Secondary are involved in the following Teaching and Learning Teams:

  • ‘Assessment and Data’
  • ‘Feedback’
  • ‘Digital Literacy’
  • ‘Relationships and Student Management’


During Term 3, our staff will be involved in Action Research Teams (ART).  Staff will work collaboratively in teams, which will focus on implementation of new ideas, programs and structures that will be sustained over time.  ARTs are professional learning communities that support teachers as learners who reflect on their Teaching and Learning Practices.