The Science Domain at PRSC is a dynamic learning area that is taught by a highly enthusiastic and dedicated team of specialist teachers. At all levels students are exposed to engaging, hands on lessons that are conducted in purpose built learning spaces that provide both laboratory space and traditional seating.


Year 7 & 8

In Junior Science, students experience a range of different branches of science. This is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of science and the natural world.

The table below outlines the disciplines and topics currently covered at both Yr7 and Yr8.

Discipline Year 7 Year 8
Chemical Science – Separating Mixtures – States of Matter

– Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

– Chemical change

Physical Science – Forces in Action – Transferring and Transforming Energy
Biological Science – Classification

– Ecosystems

– Cells

– Body Systems

Earth and Space Science – Earth in Space – Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks
Skills – Science Lab Skills – Science Lab Skills


Year 9

In Year 9, Science is integrated into the Year 9 Learning for Life program. The program makes links between Learning for Life topics and current scientific advances. Students also rotate through laboratory time in order to build their hands on skills.

As students are also offered a science Laboratory Skills elective, to extend and engage those students who have a keen interest in science.


Senior School (Yr10, 11 & 12)

As students progress through to Senior School, science becomes more specialised. We offer several pathways and a range of subjects that cater to different levels of interest and requirements for further study.


Year 10

Core Science Elective Science
Students are required to choose one of the two core science subjects, either:

– Foundation


– General


Students may choose from the following elective subjects in addition to their core science elective:

– Advanced Biology

– Advanced Science (Physics/Chemistry)

– Introduction to Psychology

– Forensic Science




VCE – Yea 11 & 12

Year 11 Year 12
– Physics                   Unit 1 & 2

– Chemistry              Unit 1 & 2

– Biology                   Unit 1 & 2

– Psychology            Unit 1 & 2

– Physics              Unit 3 & 4

– Chemistry         Unit 3 & 4

– Biology              Unit 3 & 4

– Psychology       Unit 3 & 4