The Performing Arts is a learning area that draws together related but distinct performing forms. While these forms have close relationships and are often used in interrelated ways, each involves different approaches to performing arts practices and critical and creative thinking that reflect distinct bodies of knowledge, understanding and skills.


Year 7


The junior school Dance curriculum is completed as an extra-curricular activity however in Term 3, Year 7 students can select Dance as an elective as part of their sport selection.


The classroom music program aims to introduce students to a wide range of musical styles and experiences. Our focus is on practical skills, getting the students engaged by using their hands, voices and instruments to create music.



All students complete a semester of Drama at year 7. The two major areas of study at this year level are Mime and Dramatic Story Telling.


Year 8


Dance is completed as an extra-curricular activity



Students study and explore many different styles of music and culture whilst learning to play simple music on an array of instruments including the recorder, keyboards, ukulele and guitar.


In year 8, all students complete another semester of Drama, which focuses on three major areas of study: Puppetry, Improvisation and Realism.


Year 9


Student learn a variety of styles and refine performance skills whilst receiving the training at the highest standard. Students can select two electives; Cultural Dance and Popular Dance Style. Classes place a strong emphasis on the techniques of Contemporary dance with inclusions of Commercial Jazz, Musical Theatre and Hip Hop. Students work with teachers and industry professionals throughout the year.


Year 9 provides the opportunity for students to fine tune their previously learnt skills in elective units such as beginner guitar and keyboard. Both classes are taught by an experienced classroom and instrumental teacher. Our Active Music unit will train students to use technology to create recordings and devise original compositions. It will also provide them with a foundation in performance and music theory, providing pathway towards VCE music should they decide to further their studies.



Students are offered two electives heroes & villains and Dreams.   In these subjects students learn to make deliberate artistic choices when structuring devised drama. They improvise with and manipulate combinations of the elements of drama, theatre styles, conventions, expressive skills and stagecraft in order to further develop ideas. The success of this subject lies in the continual growth of the actor’s personal style.



Senior school


Year 10

Students will be able to choose from the following semester based elective based subjects:

·       Dance Production

·       Dance P.E.

·       Advanced Guitar

·       Advanced Keyboarding

·       Certificate II in Music

·       Advanced Drama Production

·       Performing in Creative Spaces


VCE – Year 11

Students will be able to choose from the following electives:

·       Units 1&2 Dance

·       Units 1&2 Music (Solo Performance)

·       Units 1&2 Music (Group Performance)

·       Units 1&2 Drama


VCE – Year 12

Students will be able to choose from the following electives:

·       Units 3&4 Dance

·       Units 3 & 4  Music Investigation and Composition

·       Units 3&4 Drama