Students at Patterson River SC learn German for at least the first two years of their secondary education*. The Language Program goes beyond teaching our students to speak another language – it aims to boost their literacy skills and comprehension of English. In addition, students will gain a deeper inter cultural understanding and cultural intelligence, thereby learning how to communicate better with people across the world. Language students have the opportunity to participate in the exchange program with our sister school in Germany.


Year 7&8

Students in Year 7 are typically beginners with limited prior knowledge of German. They start by becoming familiar with the sounds of German, including pronunciation, rhythm, intonation and stress. They recognise similarities with many English words, noting differences in pronunciation. By the end of Year 8, students share information about their personal worlds, including personal details, family, friends, interests, likes, dislikes and preferences. They interact with others to carry out transactions, participate in class routines and socialise. They use modelled language and simple expressions to ask and respond to familiar questions and give and respond to instructions.

Year 9&10

In Year 9, Language is an elective.  Following on from their studies in Year 7&8, students expand their knowledge of the German language and they broaden their communication skills. They will be able to initiate and maintain interactions with peers and adults by seeking and offering ideas, opinions and feelings as well as information related to relationships, school experience, community and future plans. By the end of Year 10 they will be ready to take up Units 1 and 2 of the VCE course.


VCE German is made up of four units. Each unit deals with specific content and is designed to enable students to achieve a set of outcomes, with prescribed key knowledge and skills. The areas of study for German comprise themes and topics, text types, kinds of writing, vocabulary and grammar. They are common to all four units of the study, and they are designed to be drawn upon in an integrated way, as appropriate to the linguistic needs of the student, and the outcomes for the unit.


*Some students maybe withdrawn for Learning Support classes


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