The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Domain at Patterson River Secondary College aims to develop students in being safe, responsible and effective digital citizens. We offer a comprehensive curriculum where students will use ICT to access, process and communicate information. Students also learn to start or enhance their coding skills in the Junior School and can follow this pathway by choosing the relevant in later years. Other middle school options include the study of multimedia and the use of business orientated applications. We are also proud to offer all VCE IT units.

The faculty uses three dedicated computer labs. Each equipped with 26 desktop computers and a printer. Students are also encouraged to bring and use their own device if they desire.


Year 7

ICT is embedded across the curriculum. Students are introduced an ICT Passport that students will complete across a variety of subjects to ensure they have an understanding of how to use the college network and a knowledge of the basic functions of applications within the Microsoft Office suite.

Year 8

Students participate in a core ICT subject for two periods per week for one semester. The focus of the course is content creation and digital solutions. Students develop publishing, coding and media manipulation skills. Cyber safety is also taught to ensure student develop digital citizenship skills and are able to safely navigate the increasingly complex digital environments.

Year 9

ICT Domain offers elective based subjects studied for 1 semester, 3 periods per week.

Electives include:

  • T.4U
  • Lights Camera Action
  • Websites & Gaming and Programming for Starters.


Senior School

Year 10

Students will be able to choose from the following  elective based subjects:

·      Software & Multimedia

·      Programming & Gaming

·      Creative Web Skills


VCE – Year 11

Students will be able to choose  to continue their ICT pathways by undertaking Unit 1& 2 Information Technology (this subject branch into two ICT pathways at Year 12)

VCE – Year 12

Students will be able to choose from the following electives:

·      Units 3 & 4 Informatics

·       Units 3 & 4 Software Development