School Bus Service


Bus 1: The Frankston to Carrum Route Bus Service – No.780 (Peninsula Bus Lines) This bus provides students living in the Frankston, Kananook and Seaford areas with access to the College.

Bus 2: Belvedere Bus (Peninsula Bus Lines) which services the Belvedere Estate.

Bus 3: The Carrum Downs Bus (Peninsula Bus Lines) which services the South Western section of Carrum Downs.

Bus 4: The Bonbeach, Chelsea, Chelsea Heights and Patterson Lakes Service – No. 857 (Grenda’s Bus Lines).

Bus 5: The Chelsea, Bonbeach, Carrum Service – also called the 857 (Grenda’s Bus Lines).

Bus 6: The Carrum Downs Bus (Nuline Bus Co.) which services the northern section of Carrum Downs.

Buses 1, 2, 3 and 6 deliver students to the College bus stop, with bus 4 and 5 dropping students opposite the College in Whatley Street. Bus 1, 2, 3 and 6 leave from the College grounds at 3.08 p.m. and bus 4 and 5 from the Whatley Street bus stop at 3.10 p.m.


For buses 1 to 5, tickets are purchased under the MYKI ticketing system. This is a zone 2 ticket and allows students to access buses and trains. This means that students can purchase a daily ticket on the bus or weekly, or monthly ticket through MYKI offices. Local train stations sell weekly or monthly tickets.

When students purchase a MYKI pass, they must have a student concession card if 15 or over. Application forms for the concession cards are available from Frankston or Carrum Railway Station. Students under the age of 15, do not need a concession card.

For bus 6, tickets must be purchased through the College office before travel. As this bus is contracted by the College, tickets can only be purchased for 20 school days. There are no daily or weekly tickets.

Annually Nuline Bus Charter increase their service cost to the College, the College did not pass on this increase to families in 2014, however we are unable to absorb the further increase in 2015.

From 27th February the cost of the Nuline Bus ticket will be $70 for 20 school day travels, this excludes Public Holidays and Student Free Days.

If you no longer wish for your student to travel on the bus please kindly inform the General Office.

Students travelling on the College buses are expected to maintain College rules relating to behaviour. Unruly behaviour, will not be tolerated. Any breaches of the rule, will lead to students being banned from bus services for a specific period of time.


Bus 1: THE FRANKSTON – CARRUM BUS (This is the 780 public route bus).


  • Departs Frankston opposite the railway station at 7.35 a.m.
  • It then deviates via Young Street, Dandenong Road, Wells Road and arrives at Boonong Avenue at 7.42 a.m.
  • It travels via Fortescue Avenue, Seaford Road and continues along Railway Parade arriving at Seaford Station at 7.49 a.m.
  • The bus runs via Attunga Crescent to Patterson River Secondary College
  • The pick up point in the afternoon is at the front gate of the College at 3.10 p.m.



  • 8.00 a.m. Seaford Road / opposite Barry Street corner
  • 8.02 a.m. Henry Crescent / Centenary Street corner
  • 8.03 a.m. Henry Crescent / Austin Road corner
  • 8.04 a.m. Austin Road / Downs Road corner (shops) then direct to College



  • 7.45 a.m. corner Frankston-Dandenong Road and Ballarto Road
  • 7.47 a.m. corner Lyrebird Drive and Ballarto Road
  • 7.49 a.m. corner Greenwood Drive and Ballarto Road
  • 7.50 a.m. corner Greenwood Drive and Juliana Drive
  • 7.51 a.m. corner Greenwood Drive and Lyrebird Drive
  • 7.53 a.m. corner Currawong Drive and Hall Road
  • 7.57 a.m. corner Frankston-Dandenong Road and O’Grady’s Road
  • 8.02 a.m. corner Henry Crescent and Centenary Street (a.m. only)
  • 8.20 a.m. departs Eel Race Road and Railway Parade

Bus 4: CHELSEA HEIGHTS BUS (This is the 857 Grenda’s Public route bus)


  • 7.45 a.m. departs corner Patterson Street and Mernda Avenue, Bonbeach then follows the normal 857 route
  • 7.50 a.m. Chelsea Station
  • 8.00 a.m. corner of Thames Promenade and Chelsea Park Drive then travels along Wells Road to Patterson Lakes Primary School
  • 8.07 a.m. Patterson Lakes Primary School
  • 8.15 a.m. arrives at Patterson River Secondary College

Bus 5: CHELSEA, BONBEACH, CARRUM BUS (No. 857 Grenda’s Bus)


  • 8.33 a.m. leaves Chelsea Station, travelling south via Argyle Avenue, Fowler Street, Bondi Road, Cannes Avenue, Patterson Street arriving at Carrum Station at 8.44 a.m.
  • Leaves for Patterson River Secondary College via Valetta Street and Church Road arriving at Patterson River Secondary College at 8.50 a.m.



  • 7.40 Sandhurst Bvd. roundabout – McCormicks Road
  • 7.45 Outside 145 Cadles Road
  • 7.46 Outside round-about Herbert Road and Chapman Road
  • 7.48 Outside 72 Luscombe Avenue
  • 7.50 In Luscombe Avenue opposite Hales Court
  • 7.51 In bus stop outside BP Service Station in Frankston-Dandenong Road
  • 7.52 Hall Road just past Lavender Lane
  • 7.56 Hall Road outside Medical Clinic, just past Cadles Road, opposite shops
  • 7.58 Hall Road bus stop just past Lats Avenue
  • 8.00 Overall Drive Cnr Captain Cook Cl
  • 8.01 Overall Drive Cnr Marriott Cres
  • 8.02 McFarlane Wynd and St Johns Wood
  • 8.03 St Johns Wood before McCormicks Road
  • 8.04 McCormicks Road outside milk bar
  • 8.05 McCormicks Road Cnr Van Haaster Grove
  • 8.06 Rowellyn Avenue and Saltram Court
  • 8.07 Rowellyn Avenue outside Rowellyn Park Primary School (just after school crossing)
  • 8.08 Rowellyn Avenue and McCormicks Road (in Rowellyn)
  • 8.09 McCormicks Road (opposite Allied Drive)
  • 8.10 At 1st bus stop in Gamble Road after turning from McCormicks Road
  • 8.11 Gamble Road opposite Tyntynder Drive
  • 8.12 Lyrebird Drive opposite milk bar (near Grebe Court)
  • 8.13 Ballarto Road (near pedestrian crossing)
  • 8.30 Arrive at Patterson River Secondary College