The Humanities Domain at Patterson River aims to engage with each student through critically exploring human societies and their interactions with the physical earth. Within the learning areas of history, human geography, law, economics, philosophy and politics students explore human civilisations and their impact on the earth over different time periods from ancient worlds to the medieval to modern-day societies.

Year 7

Year 7 Humanities focuses on the consolidation of the fundamentals of historical and geographical research and the demonstration of knowledge. This includes a ‘skills of the historian’ unit exploring the different methods by which historians study the past and demonstrating how that can be expressed.  Students then explore the earliest civilisations of humanity yet focusing on ancient societies including Egypt and China. In relation to human geography students learn about the centrality of water and the development of cities in different countries. Students explore how urban civilisations function and how people exist within them. Ultimately, the success of our Year 7 program is demonstrated in our students’ diverse presentations of their knowledge and skills in these units. Students in their assessment tasks have physically and digitally recreated cities, presented professional lessons to students, built various tools and artefacts, recreated life experiences of different social groups, explored history and geography through creative writing and even created interactive knowledge and skill-based games.

Year 8

Year 8 Humanities focuses on the expansion of skills in historical and geographical research and the demonstration of knowledge. Students explore medieval civilisations in Europe, North Africa and Asia focusing on different topic areas like feudalism, the spread of the Black Death and the unification of warring communities. In relation to human geography students learn about the formation of landforms and how nations change over time. Students explore how landforms change through different processes and how nations evolve physically. Ultimately, the success of our Year 8 program is demonstrated in students’ engagement and refinement of skills and knowledge.

Year 9

In Year 9, the Humanities Curriculum is a part of ‘Learning for Life’. As a part of this program, students will explore Australia’s contributions to World War One and the development of colonial Victoria and the rise of Melbourne. Students also engage with topics on sustainability and their impact as a global citizen. In addition to this, there is a History/ Literature elective called ‘Fact and Fiction’ which explores the historical context of fiction through the mediums of film and other texts like novels.





Senior School

Core Elective
Year 10 Humanities

Core units include:

–        World War Two History

–        Aboriginal history and the Australian Legal System

–        Human Well-Being and Development Issues

–        Introduction to Business Management


–        Introduction to Business

–        Introduction to the Law


Students can choose any of the following elective subjects:

VCE Humanities Subjects

–        Legal Studies

–        Business Management

–        Philosophy

–        History

–        Politics/Global Politics



*All VCE students are offered after-school extension classes to maximise their chances of success.