The Food Technology Domain at Patterson River Secondary College offers students the opportunity to undertake Food Studies from Years 7 to Year 12 in two fully equipped kitchens.

Units offered incorporate practical and theoretical activities that engage students through creative and critical thinking tasks.

We are proud that students in food technology are able to participate in practical sessions each week at every year level. This provides an important opportunity for the students to make links between their food knowledge and the realities of food preparation.


Year 7 & 8

All Year 7 and 8 students undertake Food Technology for a term in each year level. Year 7 focuses on the development of basic food preparation skills. These skills are further built on in year 8 and students are afforded the opportunity to apply the design process to the development of their own food products.


Year 9

Year 9 Food Technology is offered as part of an elective program with two units being available to students:

  • Multicultural Munching
  • The Body Shop

Students investigate, design and prepare a wide variety of dishes incorporating ingredients, equipment, cooking and presentation techniques that are part of our multicultural Australian diets.

Alternatively, or additionally, students focus on adolescent health and nutrition and investigate solutions to dietary related conditions through the design and preparation of healthy and delicious snacks and meals.

Year 10

Four electives are offered in Year 10 Food Technology

  • Social Occasions Cakes & Biscuits
  • Advanced Foods
  • Entertaining with Ease
  • Beginners Catering

Year 10 food technology units provide students with the opportunity to expand on their food preparation knowledge and skills in highly specialised areas. Complex food production processes are covered including pastry making, yeast doughs, egg foams and meringues. Students are involved in menu planning, food costing, food photography and recipe development and consider the role of nutrition and food selection in enhancing product appeal. Many practical and investigative tasks require students to work in cooperative team environments.


Year 11 & 12

VCE food technology has been a popular and highly regarded subject with independent classes running at both year 11 and 12. Many students who have completed studies in VCE Food Technology have gone on to further careers in this area including Home Economics, hospitality, food manufacturing and product development and design. Students considering food technology will be undertaking a new VCE course, ‘Food Studies’ from 2017 onwards. This course will give students the opportunity to extend their food knowledge and practical skills. Students will be involved in practical cooking activities, taste-testing experiences, sensory analysis tasks and scientific experiments as a means of learning in this subject. Students will continue to build on design knowledge and skills developed during the food technology program from years 7-10.