The English Domain at Patterson River aims to challenge each student to reach their potential by ‘striving for excellence’ in the areas of language, literature and literacy.

Year 7&8

The junior school English Curriculum focuses on the consolidation of the fundamentals of the English Language. This includes a ‘back to basics’ unit in each year, addressing language conventions including an explicit focus on spelling, grammar and vocabulary-building. Students are also challenged to improve their speaking, writing and reading comprehension skills through the exploration of a variety of texts and ideas. Ultimately, the success of our junior program is the growth achieved by our students and the amazing array of written, visual and spoken products they produce.

Year 9

In Year 9, the English Curriculum is a part of ‘Learning for Life’. As a part of this program, students will regularly focus on reading, writing and language conventions as well as studying two novels. In addition to this, there is a History/ Literature elective called ‘Fact and Fiction’ which explores historical fiction through the mediums of film and other texts. Students who are not studying a second language also have the option of continuing Literacy Support as an elective.


Senior School

Core Elective
Year 10 English

Core units include:

–        Linguistics

–        Analysing argument and persuasion

–        Two ‘classic text’ units


–        Literature

–        Applied English


Students must choose one or more

VCE English subjects

VCE English Subjects

–        English

–        English Literature

–        English Language



VCAL students will complete VCAL Literacy as a part of their program




*All VCE students are offered after-school extension classes to maximise their chances of success.