Students have access to a wide variety of resources in the Design and Technology Domain at PRSC, including specialist technology workshops for Electronics and Product Design, fitted with a wide variety of traditional and Computer Aided Manufacturing equipment.



Years 7 & 8


The focus of the junior curriculum is for students to learn how to approach the task of designing a product, and gain experience using a range of materials.


Rotating through term-based subjects in electronics, wood, metal, and plastic students will learn fundamental skills in the use of tools, drawing techniques and electrical theory.


Years 9 & 10


In Years 9 and 10, students apply their foundational knowledge to design and create more complex products.


Students have the opportunity to specialise by taking semester-based electives, including: Electronics, Timber Furniture, Metal Products, Silver Smithing, Glass Mosaics and Computer Aided Design.





Both Product Design and Technology and Systems Engineering are offered at a VCE level. In these units, students take responsibility for the entire design process, from finding a design problem or opportunity, to planning and producing the final outcome.