Chess club

Are you a keen strategist? Like to wipe the board with others? Well Chess club might be for you. Chess club meets afterschool one a week. Come and explore the ancient art of Chess. Who knows, you might be PRSC’s next Grandmaster?


Homework Club

Homework club is available for all students to seek assist outside of class to catch up with work, complete set homework, revise or study, research and prepare for upcoming assessment. Homework club current runs from 3 to 5 on a Wednesday afternoon and is always staffed by a number of teaching and learning support staff.


Maths club

Math club is runs once a week for student to catch up and/or extend themselves in the areas of Maths and Numeracy. So come and see our friendly Maths staff and make the numbers add up.



Writing club

Students from years 7-9 are invited to Writing Club – a group that meets weekly and finds fun and creative ways to tell stories. We tell collaborative stories, stories with emojis, board game stories, comics…. We even publish our own books! If you love telling stories